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Baffle Walling

Odour Control Covers

Odour Control Tank Covers

Odour Control Process Systems

FRP Baffle Walls

  • Flow control
  • Chemical distribution
  • Anoxic Zones
  • WaterX Process Protection

FRP Tank Covers

  • Odour control
  • VOC emissions control
  • Splash control

Odour Control Systems

  • Bio Scrubbers
  • Chemical Scrubbers
  • Carbon Scrubbers

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EcoEX: FRP, Baffle Walling, Tank Covers & Odour Control Solutions

Our belief is that this industry will remain critical to society as will the protection of our water supply. We are committed to investing in innovative product solutions for water and wastewater in the years to come. We make the best use of the technological prowess on the prowl and have come up with effective solutions for treating the resources well. Our service range extends across the following genres:

FRP Baffle Walls

This uses the flow control options which are inclusive of the chemical distributions. They effectively use the anoxic zones which in a way prevent the wastes to percolate inside the chambers. This involves the WaterX process of safeguarding the options related to the resources in hand.

FRP Tank Covers

These are made up of better technological options. These are quite beneficial in odour control by effectively controlling the VOC emissions and splash controls.

Odour Control Systems

Some of the better techniques are adopted including the use of the bio scrubbers and similar entities of chemical nature. These work on the principle of adsorption making the users benefit highly from the associated options. Carbon scrubbers are also used to keep the emissive options in control maintaining a hygienic environment.

Products and Services

  • Chemical Scrubbers- These are specialized options which effectively participate in the carbon sequestration making the adsorptive techniques famous and the water treatment seamlessly easy.
  • Bio-Scrubbers- These include the bio filters which can effectively capture or trap the biological pollutants in the form of sewage, making the water drinkable.
  • Activated Carbon Filter- Carbon filters are used here effectively to improve the quality of the resources cleaning them off the unassociated components.
  • Biological Systems- These systems are included to make the resources look cleaner and better in order to make for better treatment analysis.
  • Package Odour Control Systems- These are the specialized components which are used in unison with other structural options making for better features.
  • Trafficable Odour Control covers- These are measurable options which make the best use of adsorptive techniques involved with emission control and cover which could control the foul smell.
  • Baffle Walling- This readily involves the WaterX process and similar protective techniques and the anoxic zones.
  • Odour Control Cover- These are specialized covers which can be used to negate the odour coming out of the water-based resources by providing a smell-free environment for the same.
  • Pre-fabricated fibreglass grating- This uses the best technique to remove the anomalies associated with the use of water resources and treating the wastes effectively.

    Turnkey prefabricated solutions are designed for use of installation and they include tank cover systems, baffle wall systems and odour process control making the best use of resources in hand. Call 1800 246 800 today to learn more about the customized and specialized solutions which Treadwell offers.

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