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FRP Baffle Walls

EcoEX, engineered baffle walling solution and partition walls are specifically designed to meet your requirements.

Treadwell FRP standard baffle and partition wall system are specifically designed for potable water and waste water treatment flow control. EcoEX baffle and partition walls are pre-engineered systems composed of high grade fibreglass panels, angles and framing sections.

As a world leader in fibreglass manufacture, EcoEX baffle walls offer a premium solution.

Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61

All Treadwell baffle and partition wall systems are certified NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for processing of potable water.

Ideal for New or Retrofit Basins

Treadwell baffle and partition wall systems are an xcellent choice for either new or retrofit basins. Their lightweight makes them the perfect choice for retrofits, and their design flexibility makes them an excellent cgoice for projects as well, allowing easy modification in the event of future process changes.

Typical baffle configuration: SlideGuide angles and base plates are typi- cally prefabricated to columns by Enduro. Concrete anchors for SlideGuide angles and column base plates shall be adhesive type 316 stainless steel.

Enduro FRP SlideGuide "H" baffle series in aeration basin

Treadwell offers two alternative baffle walling panels within the EcoEX range:

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Benefits of Well-designed FRP

Corrosion Resistant Designed for corrosive and challenging structural conditions, EcoEX baffle and partition walls deliver longer life than concrete, wood, steel or aluminum while eliminating mainte- nance.

High Strength To ensure high strength and consistent quality, EcoEX FRP structural components are manufactured by automated pultrusion process, which utilizes high glass-fiber content and results in unparalleled product consistency.

Light Weight Weighing 90% less than a comparable concrete system, an EcoEX FRP baffle wall can reduce loads on tank walls and floors. In addition, its lightweight also eases section remov- ability and installation.

Increased Basin Volume With 6.4'' maximum thickness, Enduro baffle panels can take up 95% less basin volume compared to 6-8'' thick concrete walls.

Easy Configuration If flow pattern adjustments are needed, EcoEX wall systems can be dismantled and relo- cated to accommodate changes in flow requirements.

Treadwell System Design

Turn Key Solutions EcoEX offers a single-source responsibility and solution for design, manufacture and fab- rication of FRP components. Components are manufactured in custom lengths and factory fabricated that can include pre-drilled holes and attachment of base plates and angles that minimizes field fabrication and installation.

Customised System With multiple wall types and system options, our experienced technical staff customizes the design to meet the requirements and needs for each project. EcoEX baffle walls can include FRP baffle panels (solid or perforated), structural framing, baffle doors, and hard-ware.

Typical Configurations & Options