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EcoEX offers a range of customisable odour control tank cover manufactured from premium grade fibreglass resins.

Construct a full range of customised tank covers which can help control the odour rising out of the chemicals present in the water. The elements letting out the foul smell are well captivated making effective odour control system. These covers can be defined as reinforced membranes which are high on the performance level.

Treadwell offers two premium grade tank covers that are unique in more ways than one, the XL6 odour control tank cover and SUREGRIP cover. So why use EcoEX?

Corrosion Resistant. Manufactured with premium, iso-polyester and vinyl ester resin systems, Enduro tank covers offer superior protection against corrosive elements present in water and wastewater treatment operations as compared to aluminium. The elements used here are not resistant to the overall oxidation process thus negating the chances of corrosion and thus allows the water to be safe and usable.

High Strength. To ensure high strength and consistent quality, Enduro FRP structural components are manufactured by automated pultrusion process, which utilizes high glass-fibre content and results in unparalleled product consistency. Compression moulding and vacuum moulding processes are used to lend structural stability to the components.

Durability The component used here are highly durable including the Enduro FRP and associated options. Being lightweight, these are highly resistant to breaks and twists which in turn ensure better longevity. These components can be installed to reduce the harmful effects of added tension on the surface and reliving the framework of the same.
UV Protection. Exterior coatings and stabilizers within the material provide UV protection for the Enduro FRP components and ensure long service life.

Light Weight. The favourable strength-to-weight properties of FRP contribute directly to reduced loads on tank walls and floors and ease out the process of cover removability and installation. Being lightweight these components can be carried along at remote places and the installation process can be conducted seamlessly.

UV Protection. Exterior coatings and stabilizers within the material provide UV protection for the Enduro FRP components and ensure long service life. This helps keep the water from being contaminated thus by maintaining hygiene and associated cleanliness.
Cost Savings. The combination of corrosion resistance, high strength, and UV protection offered by well- designed FRP delivers longer service life, less maintenance, and life cost savings as compared to other materials. These constructions are thus budget friendly letting the clients include better and viable components into the associated framework.

Turn Key Solutions. EcoEX tank cover component panels are fabricated with penetration openings and angle cuts as well as integral hatch framing and flashing to eliminate field fabrication and make installation quick and easy. This duly acts as apt odour control systems letting water clean and driving the foul smell away. Solutions include all necessary accessories, including hatches, gooseneck vents, nozzles, flashings and hardware.

Customised System. With multiple cover systems and configurations, our experienced technical staffs customize the design to meet project-specific load requirements including personnel, uplift, dead and snow loads. These components are highly durable making for better and rewarding options.

Low Profile. With less air volume to process, Enduro's low profile covers reduce the operating cost and size of scrubber units compared to domes. Flat covers also improve aesthetic impact on communities, eliminate confined-entry issues, and provide protection for equipment located on top of the cover instead of below.
Some of the most preferred services available here are:

EcoEX-XL6 Odour control cover is a premium odour control cover designed to cover larger areas and maintain trafficable inspection loads. It offers an excellent odour control properties with 25mm bulb seal around the perimeter of each associated cover. These are lightweight and can be lifted with two people for cover and 4.5 meters of the dedicated construction.

EcoEX-SUPERGRIP Lightweight, low profile odour control covers designed for smaller inlet works balance the tanks and provide a range of other applications. These are easy to install systems and extremely lightweight with easy to add additional penetrations onsite.

Are the services based on your requirements?
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