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EcoEX provides a holistic solution to the group of water and waste treatment options by seamlessly incorporating world class techniques into the modus operandi. They serve as effective options to control the odour and make necessary changes to the waste treatment methods.

Treadwell's odour control systems offer a one stop solution to all the water and waste treatment anomalies by addressing the issues associated with the heavy trade and the industrial wastes. Some of the most effective products which are being used by them are:

Carbon Scrubbers

Utilising a range of dry media products that involve activated carbon as the primary bonding agent means EcoEX can offer an extensive range of Carbon Scrubbers ranging from 2 cfm through to 30,000 cfm. The scrubbers have high potential in targeting the improvements associated with similar emissions and thus make for better high end inclusions. This odour control technology involving carbon scrubbers is mainly used in the rebreathers and also in the industrial chimneys to stem the emission of harmful components and rendering the environment clean and usable. Some of the selected brands available here include:

EcoEX - VENT-A-SORB: Designed to remove nuisance gases from vents and thus making the arena cleaner and free of pollutants.

EcoEX - ACCESSWAY: Designed to be inserted in the roadways for treating odours from sewage network pipes which can in turn keep the avenues clean and negate the sewage accumulation.

EcoEx - LO-FLO-HDPE tank: Designed for passive flows up to 1,200 cfm.

EcoEX - LO-FLO -FAN-HDPE or FRP tank with a neat lid (and) mounted fan: Designed for flows of up to 1,200 cfm and is ideal for treating the pump station odour.

EcoEX - HAWK: Radial flow system designed for maximum contact time while demanding the best treatment techniques pertaining to the volatile systems.

EcoEX - DEEP BED: A standard carbon scrubber offered in single or dual bed options which can effectively undertake adsorption.

EcoEX PACKAGE-SKID: These carbon scrubbers are Mounted systems which effectively utilize the DEEP BED or HAWK technology specifically designed for plug and play solutions.


Treadwell is pleased to be able to offer a wide range of Biological odour control systems in the form of biofilters, designed around your specific needs. Biofilters offers an environmentally friendly solution to dealing with foul smell and other obnoxious elements hindering the state of well being. This odour control technique is not only environmentally friendly but also offers reduced running costs in treating the same. These in turn work on the principle of reducing the sewage content by restricting the flow of biological wastes and thus making the environment clean and user friendly. The best options associated with these biofilters are that when the bio scrubbers are used the environmental aspects are not compromised. Some of the options available with us are:

EcoEX - Odour Digest Packed Bed: Economical, biological odour treatment option using heterotrophic and autotrophic bacteria.

EcoEX Odour Digest BioScrubber: An ideal H2S removal system designed with a back-up carbon cartridge system fabricated for odour removal.

EcoEX Odour Digest DuO:A well combined method for treating higher levels of odour using both heterotrophic and autotrophic bacteria in two separate compartments but within the same vessel.

EcoEX Odour Digest Tower:The best of both worlds for treating high levels of odour using a elevated method involving the bacteria and the associated benefits.

Chemical Scrubbers

Treadwell's chemical scrubbers offer a top end odour removal solution by utilising water streams dosed with a range of chemicals. These are ideally designed for Ammonia and Hydrogen sulphide removal. Chemical scrubbers are high utility odour control systems which can effectively remove the unnecessary emissions associated with the industrial waste and similar chemical dissipations. The adsorption techniques are present which effectively involve carbon sequestration and the related options associated with the same. The basic options which are available with us are:

EcoEX - ODOUR SCRUB: Highly effective odour removal system designed for high end flow rates ranging up to 65,999 cfm.

EcoEX - UNISCRUB: Packaged chemical scrubbers are designed to offer a compact solution for treating odours in bunkers, pump station and underground sewage treatment plants.

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